Atexco Vega 3180S

We use the latest high technologies Digital printers loop ager, Hotair and automatic machines give you the best desired printing result.

Universal Fabric Loop Steamer

This machine is specially designed for small production requirements of Digital Inkjet Printers. It does not need any external steam supply and hence does not need any elaborate steam generator. In case if steam is available at site, it does have a provision for using external steam.

Storm Stenter

The Storm series of Hot Air Stenters have been designed keeping in mind the competitive environment our customers face. With emphasis on achieving higher processing speeds while keeping input costs minimal, this modular design outperforms those of our competitor’s heat setting machines on the following counts.


Vastrajet is a workhorse of the fashion industry when it comes to creating unique vibrant designs in short runs. Make it possible to print on most elastic or sheer fabrics. Heavy duty design with rigid structure makes the machine suitable for rigorous industrial operating conditions.